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Solar Wind is a progressive jazz/rock band out of Houston Texas that currently plays original
material from our three CD's "For Square", "2nd Wind" and "Five Sheets to the Wind". 
When performing live we also like to cover songs from such fusion greats as -
Mike Stern, Chick Corea, John Scofield, Billy Cobham, Scott Henderson, and The Brecker Brothers.

"For Square" - NOW AVAILABLE!! - Purchase Online
Click for More CD Info!
Click for More CD Info!

The new CD, For Square, is finally here and we hope it is worth the wait.
This is the first CD with the incredible Keith Vivens on bass and we think
you’re going to really enjoy Keith’s playing and contributions to the band.
Another first is that this is the first CD we’ve ever done where each of the
members contributed compositions. The CD also features some great
Fender Rhodes playing from special guest Gilbert Sedeno. Gil plays
on Four Miles to Missouri and Simone, both of which include
solos from Gil, and we think you’ll really dig his playing.

"2nd Wind" - Purchase Online

Click for More CD Info!
Click for More CD Info!

We have put countless hours into this CD which we hope is a giant leap forward
from our first CD. The CD also features local guest artists Paul Chester,
Will Cruz, Dennis Dotson,  Marty Lindsay, and Jose-Miguel Yamal
who we thank for their great playing on this CD.

;"Five Sheets to the Wind" - Purchase Online
Five Sheets to the Wind - Front Cover
Five Sheets to the Wind - Back Cover
Press reviews  -  IM: " Solar Wind's "Five Sheets to the Wind", has attracted a loyal audience both for their recording and their live performances in their hometown of Houston, Texas. The CD was recorded in their own recording studio and features long fusion jams, extended solo's, lots of interplay between band members, and a total lack of regard for anything that might resemble pop radio!  "

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Mike Brown - Guitar / Guitar Synth
Mike Brown - Guitar
Stephan Wyatt - Basses
Keith Vivens - Basses
Mark Kinnear - Drums / Percussion
Mark Kinnear - Drums
Paul Conroy - Saxophone
Paul Conroy - Saxes
-We are currently available for booking-
E-Mail us for availability and more details!